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Lace Front Wigs


What Is The Difference Between A Lace Front Wig And A Full Lace Wig? 


A lace front wig is hand tied just from the front to mid crown area and it is machine wefted in the back whereas on a full lace wig the entire wig is hand tied. There are no machine wefts.  A full lace wig is a more versatile than a lace front wig because the entire wig is free flowing and can be parted in any direction, in addition you can easily wear up-do styles which is more difficult with a lace front only wig. A lace front wig is still a great choice if you want to save a little money and do not plan on wearing styles that require parting in the back and high ponytails.


Our lace front wigs are nothing like the cheap lace wigs generally sold in most local beauty/hair supply shops. We use 100% Human hair and the wigs are hand made with 4 inches of full invisible durable REAL Swiss lace in the front with the back being machine wefted using a high quality, comfortable stretch lace that has an adjustable strap and tighten tape at the nape to adjust the cap size. Generally the use of glue or tape with this design is optional because the cap design also has securing combs on the sides. Our lace front wigs have a very natural invisible hairline and the 4 inches of lace in the front is large enough to allow you to part the hair to any direction you want.


Many of the wigs in our custom full lace wig collection are available as a lace front wig.

Custom Lace Front Wig Collection

Gretchin Lace Front Wig


Melody Lace Front Wig


Pandora Lace Front Wig


Nefertiti Lace Front Wig


Mary Jane Lace Front Wig


Sabrina Lace Front Wig



Victoria Lace Front Wig


Haley Lace Front Wig


Miranda Lace Front Wig


Jennifer Lace Front Wig


Gia Lace Front Wig


Georgia Lace Front Wig



Candy Lace Front Wig






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